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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The State Route 4 (SR-4) Crosstown Freeway project will extend the Crosstown Freeway west from Fresno Avenue to Navy Drive. The extension will be carried on twin viaduct (bridge) structures that will cross over Fresno Avenue creating a grade separation that will no longer allow highway traffic to enter the Boggs Tract neighborhood at Fresno Avenue. Navy Drive will be converted to a four-lane facility with a partial interchange.


  •  Improve connection between I-5/Crosstown Freeway, Port of Stockton and adjacent industrial uses

  •  Reduce truck traffic within Boggs Tract neighborhood

  •  Project Cost: $140 million

  •  Project Funding:

  •  Trade Corridor Improvement Fund: $70 million

  •  Measure K: $70 million

7/11 Materials Inc. is partnering with Brosamer & Wall (BW) and CalTrans to provide concrete for decks, bent caps, fender walls, abutments, diaphragms, wet holes, columns, and paving.

The construction project was completed in three stages to minimize impacts and maintain traffic

Movement for local and regional travelers:

  • Construct SR-4 viaduct (bridge) extension from Fresno Avenue to BNSF Railway

  • Construct SR-4 viaduct (bridge) over BNSF Railway. Construct fill, road and basins at ramp terminal

  • Construct Navy Drive widening

  • Remove Fresno Avenue ramps and finish grading

Admittedly there were some hindrances along the way while working through this project that required the 7/11 team to address beyond just supplying concrete for pours. Each project, whether it is a 5 cubic yard driveway, or the approximately 40,000 cubic yards in the SR-4 expansion, is an opportunity for 7/11 to show its dedication to its customers to provide real world solutions to keep projects on track to finish as scheduled. Changes to batching protocol, mix designs, specific driver training, on site representation, and side-by-side testing that is separate from the batching and performance on all other concurrent projects were made to assist BW to keep this project on track. It can be a difficult task to differentiate one order/project from the other projects during the day; especially with the daily volume and amount of orders 7/11 fields each day. Numerous site specific and project specific requests were made by CalTrans unlike any other project we have ever been a part of. The team handling this project used this challenge as an opportunity to show how serious we take our partnerships with our customers. Mention should be made and credit given to our QC department, on-site reps, batchmen, and especially our drivers for working diligently to carry out our standard day-to-day business, and when called upon, to implement the site specific and project specific changes to address the novel needs placed on BW by CalTrans.

7/11 Materials is proud of the work we did with our partner Brosamer & Wall to produce this expansive bridge span. Generations from now, our family and friends will be able to drive over the Hwy 4 Crosstown Bridge while saying “I know the men and women who built this”; which is an exciting prospect and reason why we were so excited to get to work on this project in the first place.

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